Nail Gun Ryobi 18V 16Ga Brad Nailer (0470) Due 20/07/2024

Cordless battery powered compressed air driven nail gun for timber nailing.

18 V, 16Ga C Brad Nailer

4 Ah lithium battery and charger

Adjustable air pressure

Tool-free jam release

Tool-free depth-of-drive adjustment

** Please read, understand and follow all safety directions in the operations manual via the Operations Manual Tab.

*Always assume that the tool contains fasteners. Careless handling of the nailer can result in unexpected firing of fasteners and personal injury.

*Do not point the tool towards yourself or anyone nearby. Unexpected triggering will discharge the fastener causing an injury.

*Do not actuate the tool unless the tool is placed firmly against the workpiece. 

*Read the full safety procedures and user tips in the Operations Manual.

Battery MN: RB1840C(130597013), SN: 609755

Charger MN: RC18120, SN:001083

Battery Safety:

Never leave batteries or devices unattended while charging and once the battery is fully charged, disconnect it from the charger. Li-Ion batteries if faulty can catch fire.

Store batteries safely and do not allow metal objects like other battery terminals, screws, keys etc to come in contact with the terminals as this can cause the battery to short and cause a fire.

Please read about battery safety supplied by QFES at this link.