Inspection Camera Scope 3m Milwaukee (0546) Check Availability


4.3” 10.9cm LCD screen with 720p camera provides crisp, clear images.

10mm camera head allows for easy access while the 3m cable provides flexibility and rigidity for both drain line and behind wall inspections.

Share photos and videos via the included 32GB Micro SD card.

360° degrees of image rotation for easy adjustment by physically rotating the screen or with the push of a button.

Focus on points of interest with 3 levels of zoom. 

4-mode brightness adjustment to change the LED output circling the camera head

2.5 Ah Battery & 240V Charger

Please read, understand and follow all safety instructions in the user manual via the 'View Additional File' tab.

Included in the carry case

  1. Plumbing Ball
  2. Hook
  3. Mirror
  4. Magnet Attachment
  5. 32GB Micro SD card
  6. Micro SD card adaptor
  7. 360 Inspection Camera
  8. 3m Cable
  9. Safety & Instruction Manual - Please Read.

Battery Safety:

Never leave batteries or devices unattended while charging and once the battery is fully charged, disconnect it from the charger. Li-Ion batteries if faulty can catch fire.

Store batteries safely and do not allow metal objects like other battery terminals, screws, keys etc to come in contact with the terminals as this can cause the battery to short and cause a fire.

Please read about battery safety supplied by QFES at this link.