Sevylor Inflatable Sit On Top Kayak Double (0638) In Maintenance

Inflatable 2 person sit on top kayak with two 3 pc break down paddle. - 2 paddles 

Load Capacity: 2 persons or 270kg

Inflation pressure 0.5 PSI

12Volt Coleman high volume inflation/deflation pump with cigarette socket plug and extension lead.

Lifejackets or PFDs should be worn at all times when kayaking.

Please read, understand and follow all safety information printed on the back of the kayak seat backrest, as well as the operator manual available via the "View Additional File" tab.

Kayaking safety information and tips are available here. It is your responsibility to self assess your ability to operate a kayak and swim in open water before using this item. Paddle within your ability. Children must be supervised at all times.

All equipment is to be washed with fresh water and clean and dry before returning.

Please take care of this inflatable item. Submerged sticks, rocks, coral or other objects may puncture the kayak.

Safety Warning

Paddle sports can be very dangerous and physically demanding. The user of this product should understand that participating in paddle sports may involve serious injury or death. Observe the following safety standards whenever using this product.

•It is the owner’s responsibility to carefully read the manual and instruct all users in safe operation of this product.

•Not a life saving device.

•Obtain certified first aid training and carry first aid and safety/rescue equipment.

• Always wear an approved Personal Flotation Device (Life Preserver).

•Wear a helmet when appropriate.

•Dress appropriately for weather conditions; cold water and/or cold weather can result in hypothermia.

•Never paddle alone.

•Do not paddle in flood conditions.

•Be aware of river water levels, tidal changes, dangerous currents and weather changes.

•Do not use in high wind, strong currents, open water or dangerous tides.

•Scout unfamiliar waters; portage when appropriate.

•Do not exceed your paddling ability; be honest with yourself.

•Consult a physician prior to beginning your paddle sport training.

•Do not use this product under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

•Do not overload or over inflate.

•Never tow from another boat or vehicle.

•Know and follow local water safety rules and boating regulations.